Brave Love Women's Gathering 2014

Brave Love Women's Gathering 2014

Dates: October 17-19
Cost: $49 (housing and food not offered)
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BRAVE LOVE is LOVE IN ACTION. Love that knows no limits. Where risk is required but the greatest rewards are received.  This is a conference for women of all ages. Come join us for this ladies get-away weekend of deep fellowship, worship, and powerful messages that will encourage women to be BRAVE in LOVE. 
Our desire is to create women messengers who not only carry the message of the love of Jesus but activate others to become "love bearers." Women who can lead others out of the "endless distraction of me" and into a radical love encounter with Jesus, that in turn leads them to love others. 
Coupled with courageous inclusion and bold sacrifice, you’ll see revolutionary acts of devotion and affection that will lead to radical transformation of our homes, communities, and nation; multiplying a message of One Love that leads to unprecedented unity & impact.
testimony - “ Brave Love there were women who’s stories rocked me.  There were women who are going to end sex trafficking, who are going to start orphanages, who are going to call their family back to the dinner table in a culture where families don’t eat together or talk any more.  Women who run after the lost and wrap their arms around them.  Women who say there is not a heart to cold that I am not going to chase down & love....” - attendee of the Brave Love gathering in Southern California November 2013
Friday, October 17
7:00 pm       Session 1
Saturday, October 18
10:00 am     Session 2
12:30           Lunch
2:30 pm       Session 3
5:30 pm       Break & Dinner
7:30 pm       Session 4
Sunday, October 19
Morning      OFF - rest or go to church
2:00 pm       Session 6
4:00 pm       Break
6:00 pm       Celebration Dinner
Campus Address:
15411 County Road 455
Montverde, FL, USA 34756
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