We love our campus! It's a hidden gem of natural beauty in close proximity to the city of Orlando. Montverde, the town we are in, is considered part of the greater Orlando area, just 25 minutes from downtown Orlando.


From the fields to the wooded walking trails to the sunsets over the pond, we think it's a pretty beautiful place to be. Enjoy our tennis, volleyball, and basketball courts, or organize a game of soccer or ultimate frisbee on our sports field. We currently have multiple dorms, classrooms, a cafe, a laundry room and a chapel on campus.

The campus is just minutes from some of the convenient and fun aspects of living in a city/town: Target, Publix, restaurants, churches, Starbucks, parks, lakes, biking trails, etc. Disney Springs and the various amusement parks are just 35 minutes away, and the closest beach is about an hour drive away. All of these things are a huge bonus in the God-given provision of this land!




Downtown Winter Garden is home to a craft coffee shop, a small town farmer's market, and a variety of local boutiques. The brick streets, biking trails, and shops make it a fun place to explore on the weekends! We highly recommend renting some bikes for one of your weekends with us to explore this little town.



Discover an eclectic mix of unique shops, one-of-a-kind restaurants, and lively entertainment at Disney Springs. Just a 30-minute drive from YWAM Orlando, it's all types of fun and free to explore.



Within an hour of YWAM Orlando, you can reach Cocoa Beach on the east coast, or find yourself at several springs in Central Florida. Students and staff love to rent kayaks or paddle boards at the springs, or just hop in a car and go catch some sun at the beach. PS. Bring your sunscreen! Florida rays are no joke.

There's a place for you here.