University of the Nations is a university for missions. The U of N is the first global university, with more than 400 locations in 110 countries. It gives equal credibility to professions, unreached people groups, and various geographic locations as domains needing the Good News of Jesus Christ. At the U of N, you are nurtured as a whole person, not just as a head to be filled with information.

YWAM Orlando is a campus of University of the Nations International. With us, you study only one subject at a time in a 12 week modular system, each approached from a Christian perspective. One U of N course may be equivalent to several other university courses. Come experience one of the most innovative ways to learn!

The YWAM-DTS is the gateway into the seven Colleges/Faculties and various Centers of the U of N. Once the student has completed the DTS, he or she may take advantage of the wide variety of courses the U of N offers.


Not only can you complete some of your training for your U of N degree here, but you can also complete two entire degrees just with the training schools we offer! See charts below for details.


For more information: University of the Nations