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Youth With A Mission Orlando is a Christian missions organization that exists to ignite, equip, and launch the next wave of committed messengers of the Gospel into the nations. We are a part of the larger international missions movement known as Youth With A Mission.

At YWAM Orlando, participants come, get trained and transformed, and are sent out to impact the world!

We do this primarily through these three categories of training and international outreach:


These are three to six month programs for adults that strengthen the participant’s relationship with God and equip them better for ministry of all types. The entry level and foundational training school is the Discipleship Training School (YWAM-DTS). After completing DTS, the student can go on to a secondary training school or whatever else they sense God leading them to do!


We offer international and local trips for youth teams as well as individual teenagers . We take care of the travel, ministry logistics, training and of course, go as a guide. Our hope is to instill a passion in each participant for lifetime involvement in world missions, whether that be at home, abroad, or in school.


We focus on making it easy for those who are eager to get planted long-term in overseas missions to do so quickly and effectively. We are experienced and connected with ministry opportunities of all types. It’s our desire to help many be sent into the nations to pioneer long-term works, doing what God has called them to do! We currently have long-term workers in seven different nations doing anything from church planting to refugee relief. Find out more here.

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YWAM Orlando came from humble beginnings. In 1995, it started with just 5 people who shared the same vision: to see passionate young people, burning with the love of Jesus, sent into every corner of the world to change it. What began as just 5 staff meeting in a rented church space, grew and grew. We filled 16 houses with students and staff, and our borrowed church was bursting at its seams. Year by year, more and more came to get trained and sent into the nations!

By 2010, we had majorly outgrown our facilities, leading us to purchase a 184-acre campus in faith that God would fill it with staff and students. Fast forward to today, and we have 115+ full-time volunteer staff, discipling and training hundreds of students every year! Take a tour of our campus. 

We dream of this place becoming a huge missions launchpad, where fiery-eyed youth are cast into the nations with the love of Jesus in their hearts. We’ve already seen thousands trained and hundreds of thousands more ministered to in every corner of this earth.  But we’re not done yet! We won’t quit until the Great Commission has been fulfilled, until every eye has seen His love and every ear has heard His name.

We want you to do this with us. Will you come and be a part of God's story in the nations?