Workout_TogetherCampus housing is dormitory-style. All singles will share a room with up to 10 others while families and couples get their own room/RV (depending on availability). Most dorms or living areas have a bathroom, microwave, sink, and refrigerator. There is limited storage space in the rooms, so make sure you only bring what you absolutely need for your time in Orlando as well as for your outreach.

Room assignments are given to students on arrival day (at registration).
For more information on bringing (and living in) your own RV, call 407-273-1667.


Not only do we love prayer and intercession but we also
believe they are the fuel for the missions movement! It's for this reason that they are a huge focus for us here. Each week, we gather as a community for prayer, worship, and intercession. Check it out:


M, Tu, W, F 8:30 - 9:15am : Campus-wide worship
Thursday 8:30 - 10am : Campus-wide intercession for the nations
Tuesday 7pm : "Community Night" gathering with worship and a speaker (Community Night is open to the public.)


The Depot is our coffee shop, internet cafe, and ultimately the hub of community lifethedepot_hangout on campus. It gets its name from its original use many years ago as an actual train depot for transporting oranges from the

Not only is it a place to relax and have a great cup of coffee (or yummy baked goods if you're in luck!), but it's also a place where friendships are forged and discipleship happens as we journey together towards Jesus and His call on our lives.

The cafe is usually open Monday through Friday 7am - 8:30am, 2pm - 5:15pm, and 7pm - 9:30pm, but the Depot doors are always open for hanging out and gathering together!


We feed you well! Lunch and dinner are served buffet-style (with indoor and outdoor seating). Weekend meals and breakfast may be served buffet-style at times. At other times (depending on program and housing), you might have to prepare your own food, but don’t worry — we’ll provide the food for you to prepare. Most of our food is “American,” but we love variety and try to keep our menu diverse.

You’ll have access to a microwave, which you’re more than welcome to use, but you cannot use any cooking appliances that use an open flame. However, you can use things like rice cookers, electric frying pans, etc., if you choose to bring them.



We're thrilled to have a brand new laundry facility on campus! It is $1.75 to wash and $1.75 for a full dryer cycle. Don't forget to bring your laundry money and detergent!


We don’t have computers available for
general use, but we do have WIFI. So if you would like access to the internet, you should bring your own laptop or other wireless devices.

***Note: The U of N Orlando campus is not responsible for the loss or damage of any personal items, so please be prepared to be prudent with all personal items of value on campus.***


StudyOnly our offices (none of our dorms) have phones in them, so plan on using a cell phone for personal calls.


Our staff attend various churches in the community. Usually, staff will fill extra seats in their own cars with students that want to join. If you would like to attend other churches, you will have to find your own transportation.

This is a fun, loving, and adventurous community!