Nope! YWAM has no headquarters; it is decentralized (which means that each base or location has its own leadership). These campuses are accountable to an overseeing group of elders. Each base is part of the larger YWAM family, committed to the same values and principles. For more information about YWAM’s structure please go to our international website at

YWAM is not affiliated with any one denomination. Instead, it's made up of Christians from many denominations, dedicated to serving Jesus throughout the world.

Below are links to the documents that formally express the central values and beliefs of Youth With A Mission. Every YWAM location adheres to these basic beliefs.

Youth With A Mission’s Statement of Faith

The Foundational Values of Youth With A Mission

Manila Covenant

Lausanne Covenant

Christian Magna Carta

Our Commitment to Reach All Peoples

YWAM offers programs for all ages! While much of YWAM's outreach and training focus on young people, many second-career missionaries join YWAM as well. You can find people from age 8 to 80 in YWAM!

Everyone in YWAM must have first successfully completed a Discipleship Training School (DTS). YWAM Orlando also requires you to have successfully completed the School of Ministry Development (SOMD). So, once you have completed the DTS and the SOMD, you can apply to join our staff team! Click here for more info.

To join YWAM as staff anywhere in the world, you need to have your own financial support. Many YWAM locations help people put together a prayer and financial support team (e.g., friends, home groups, churches, relatives, etc.) before they join as staff, though this isn’t offered at every location. YWAM Orlando requires that each staff raise a minimum amount of monthly support before reporting as staff.

In order to work long-term with YWAM, you have to successfully complete a DTS. Once you’ve got that under your belt, we recommend the School of Missions, which prepares you to succeed long-term on the mission field.


You need to have a relationship with God and be in a place where you want to get to know Him more. Other than that, you must be at least 18 years old (or have a high school or high school-equivalent diploma).

Yep! The University of the Nations gives 12 credits for the lecture phase and 1 credit for each week of outreach. There are over 300 campuses (bases) located throughout the United States and around the world, and YWAM Orlando is one of those campuses! You can find more information about the University of the Nations at

The University of the Nations is a degree-granting institution (Associate, Bachelor, Master). While it isn’t accredited by any accrediting agency or association recognized by the U.S. Commissioner of Education, various accredited institutions throughout the world accept U of N transfer students and credits.

You can call our office at 407-273-1667 between 10 am - 5:30 pm EST or email us at We love hearing from you and will gladly answer any of your questions and pray with you!

It largely depends on you! We cannot accept a student until we have the COMPLETED application. Until we have every component, we won't begin processing it. So, the sooner you get your FULL application (including application fee and both reference forms), the sooner we can begin the process of praying over your application!

We carefully pray over every application to see if this is the best time and place for each applicant. However, if you are currently using, or have recently come off of illegal (or any addictive) drugs, this might not be the best place for you at this time.

Additionally, if your grasp of the English language is not fluent enough for you to speak, read, and write English easily, participating in any school here will be challenging.

The CDTS has been designed for those over 35 years of age and those with families, but the content is exactly the same as a normal DTS. Since families and people in that age category tend to have more responsibilities, like mortgages, schooling, and businesses, they are given a year to complete their outreach. YWAM Orlando does not offer a CDTS specifically, but we offer our DTS to all age groups, single parents and families.

You bet! YWAM is made up of families. It is very important for husbands and wives to take the school together. The DTS deals with heart changes, so it's best for the marriage that spouses work through things together. Contact our admissions office for information on what will best suit your family - a nanny, local schools or local daycare options.

We ask that both spouses take the school together. The DTS is a time where you are growing closer to the Lord. It is best for the marriage when both can grow together in the Lord and in their marriage.

You definitely need a passport! If you do not already have one, please apply for it before leaving your home to come to Orlando for the DTS! We will purchase tickets within a few weeks of the beginning of the school. Some outreach locations require visas; in order to even apply for a visa, you must have a passport in hand. If you do not start your passport application process early enough, your ability to go on outreach could be jeopardized.

Once accepted, you will be given all the paperwork to apply for a visa necessary to participate in our DTS. This is not a guarantee that you will be granted the visa (some countries' citizens have a more difficult time obtaining US visas than others). Once we have determined where you will be going on outreach, we will take care of getting your visa for that country.

You always need a visa, but the type of visa (and process by which it is obtained) varies from country to country. Some countries grant a “visa on arrival,” which is obtained in the airport on your way through customs. Other countries, however, have a more involved visa application process. If you’re going to a country that requires a visa prior to travel, your outreach leader will coordinate that for your whole team, so don’t worry!

Don't worry! Once you are accepted, we give you a packing list that will ensure you're able to come prepared!

Lecture Phase: You sure do! Each student is required to have their own health insurance, prior to their arrival in Orlando, that covers the entirety of their lecture phase.

Outreach Phase: You will need it, but don't worry - your outreach leader will purchase travel health insurance for your entire team, the cost of which is included in your outreach grounds fees.

It is imperative that you make us aware of any medical conditions, food allergies, etc., you might have so that we can do our best to work with you. If you have a condition that precludes you from leaving the country, we would try to work out an in-country outreach so you can still finish your DTS.

The registration fee ($35) and the housing deposit ($500) are non-refundable, unless we receive written notice of your withdrawal 21 days prior to the start date of your school. Here's the breakdown of refunds (after non-refundable portion is subtracted from your payments):

  •  Prior to the start of classes                    100%
  •  During the first week of classes               85%
  •  During the second week of classes           70%
  •  During the third week of classes               55%
  •  During the fourth week of classes             40%
  •  During the fifth week of classes                25%
  •  After the fifth week of classes                    0%

* In extenuating circumstances, such as a death in the family of a student, special consideration will be given for refunds.

If you are participating in a DTS, yes, you are required to live on campus for the duration of your lecture phase. If you have friends and family living nearby, you are more than welcome to visit them!

Short answer: You won't have time.

Long answer: Everyone in YWAM is financially supported by family, friends, and churches - no one works outside of the ministry. As a student, you are either in class or you have community responsibilities from 8:00 am - 5:30 pm Monday - Friday. One evening every week, we have a mandatory Community Night; another evening each week is spent doing local ministry. The weekends are mostly free, but that's the best time to hang out with friends, do laundry, catch up on assignments, or just plain relax! We do ask that everyone go to church on Sundays - you pick which church!

YWAM Orlando has a focus on working (primarily) within the 10/40 window, therefore our outreaches will go (primarily) to that part of the world. The 10/40 window consists of North Africa, South Asia, East Asia, and the Middle East. Recently we've gone to South Asia, Southeast Asia, Dominican Republic, South Africa, and East Asia.

In order to either earn credits for the DTS or move forward in YWAM, you must complete the outreach. For the CDTS, you have up to one year to complete the outreach. Secondary schools vary from school to school, but for the most part, it is best to go on outreach with your school. If you have concerns about being able to go on outreach, please communicate that with our Admissions Office when or before you apply.