Learn to do good; seek justice, correct oppression; bring justice to the fatherless, plead the widow’s cause.

Isaiah 1:17

One of Jesus' primary focuses was to bring the Kingdom of God to earth in tangible ways. At YWAM Orlando, we believe that Biblical Justice is instilling the Kingdom of God into every sphere of society!

Throughout Scripture we see God’s heart for the poor and the needy. We, as a generation, have the opportunity to answer God’s call to do whatever we can to see injustice eradicated.

YWAM Orlando seeks to do justly in 7 areas of need:

  • Hunger
  • Water
  • Poverty
  • Health/Hygiene
  • Vulnerable Children
  • Human Trafficking
  • Gender and Racial equality

We believe that nations will be fully restored through the holistic Gospel. Colossians says that the power of the cross is to restore all things on heaven and earth (Col 1:20). We aim to meet both physical and spiritual needs by incorporating these and other principles into long- and short-term missions. We want to see nations transformed by the kingdom of God.

Here are a few practical solutions we’re working on, as well as some ways you can join us. 


Earthbag construction is an affordable and sustainable, structurally sound building technique, providing safe shelter for those in need. Made of sand bags interlocked by barbed wire, an Earthbag home can cost as little as 1/8 of a home of the same size made with traditional building materials. The construction and easy access to building materials make the shelter easily replicable, empowering communities around the world to create a place to call home.


At YWAM Orlando we are utilizing agriculture to reach the nations. Our efforts are focusing on how to end the crisis of world hunger through the implementation of sustainable farming techniques.

One of our efforts is through Aquaponics. Aquaponics is a system in which you farm both fish (aquaculture) and plants (hydroponics) in harmony together. Creating a miniature ecosystem for efficient growth, this sustainable farming system uses 90% less water than traditional farming.

Community gardens are another way we have been impacting nations around the world. Using common space and shared resources, urban or industrialized areas can create a place to grow produce. Using multiple organic practices, we have seen amazing results, both in combatting hunger and creating community.

Soil amendment is the process of improving a soil’s physical qualities and growth potential through developing the soil’s ability to provide nutrients. Many soils around the world have been negatively affected by agricultural practices or climate issues, but by using compost and vermicompost we can provide healthy organic building blocks for plants to thrive.


The rain catchment tank is an effective rain collection system that can harvest and store pure drinking water. Built out of cement, and sealed to protect the integrity of the water, this system can be highly effective in tropical climates, providing families with gallons of pure water every time it rains.


Through awareness, education, prayer and ethical consumerism, we believe that we can positively affect vulnerable communities that are at risk for exploitation. We are passionate about eliminating human trafficking, both locally and globally. We see great promise in utilizing short-term opportunities (like the Olympics and World Cup) to provide a platform for prevention. We also believe in partnering with professionals to see slavery abolished, while doing our part to keep it from continuing.


The Appropriate Technology Village is our living lab. The purpose of the village is to train, equip and inspire our generation to expand the kingdom of God. In the village we are developing and learning simple technologies that can better people’s lives in the developing world, such as bio-sand filtration, bio-mass briquette presses or charcoal presses, high efficiency stoves, methane latrines, simple hand washing stations, and renewable energy sources.




The elective will give you an opportunity to combat social issues through learning about the holistic Gospel.

In class and through prayer, projects, and local and overseas outreaches focused on areas of injustice, you will be part of bringing change to the world. Click here for more information.


We frequently offer opportunities for individuals wanting to participate in a short-term trip or project.

You can find out more information about upcoming projects here.


Join us in petitioning the Lord's ear. Contact us to see how you can be involved in 30 days of prayer for the poor and needy -

407.273.1667 or info@ywamorlando.com