At YWAM Orlando, we have a calling: to see God glorified and made famous in the nations. As we give our lives, talents, and time to make this a reality in our generation, we feel the weight and responsibility of this wonderful calling.

We recognize that it’s only possible for us to make disciples of every nation if we ourselves are being discipled and led well. This is where our leadership team comes in. Their main role is to “care for the flock” of our community, leading us into greater faith and dependency on the Lord while encouraging us towards radical obedience in all He’s calling us into.

Specifically, Michael and Darla Berg are the directors of YWAM Orlando, and Michael functions as the Eastern North American YWAM Convener. They have worked in YWAM pioneering works for more than 30 years.

All of our leaders are fun, wise, and they really love Jesus. They’re so great that we wanted you to get to know them too. We asked them some questions so you can do exactly that — you’re welcome! So here are our base leaders:


Berg_Portrait copy

When did you do your DTS? 

M: We both did it in 1979 — that’s how we met.

If you were a Starbucks drink, what would you be?

M: Americano with steamed breve

D: An iced frappe

If you had to describe YWAM Orlando in only 3 words…

D: Family pursuing God


Griffiths Portrait

How many countries have you done ministry in?

E: 27!

What’s your favorite spot on campus?

E: My favorite place is a meadow in a clearing in the trees right at the back of the campus.

R: It's such a peaceful and sweet place to be. I’m always so in awe of His goodness to us on display.

What’s one thing that hardly anyone knows about you?

E: I’m a (secret) artist. I can paint and draw.

R: I took piano lessons for 6 years…and I can still barely play a thing.



Where are you from?

T: Stockholm, Sweden

D: Lancaster, PA

Tell us your favorite thing about the campus?

D: It feels like you are isolated from the world when you are on the campus, but it only takes 5 minutes to get to civilization (a.k.a. Chik-fil-a).

If you were a Starbucks drink, what would you be?

T: A hot mint tea

D: Expensive.

What's one thing about you hardly anyone knows?

D: I never changed a diaper until my first child Eli was born. I was 39 years old.


Crawford Portrait

Where are you originally from?

C: Wildwood, FL, not far from here

What’s your favorite thing about the YWAM Orlando campus?

C: I love that it’s big enough to easily find quiet places to get alone with God. My favorite place to do that is on the dock by the lake.

If you were a Starbucks drink, what would you be?

C: A vanilla frappe. It’s fun and sweet, so I pick that one!