Eyes To See : Winter 2015 DTS Outreach

We had been in Asia for about two weeks. Everything was still new - the heat, the language, the way we were learning to engage with the new friends we were making.


One day we were sent out in small groups. Our job was simple: we were to pray and ask God what to do, then do it.


Almost immediately I heard the word "castle," but didn't think much of it. As we began walking and praying, we came to a fork in the road and one of the girls in my group felt like we were supposed to keep walking straight.


So we walked straight, and as we did, we realized we were walking directly toward a castle.


God was obviously speaking, but we didn't know what we were supposed to do from there. The closer we got to the castle, the more clear our purpose became; God brought Jericho to mind. We knew what we had to do; we were going to walk around the castle 7 times and do whatever we felt God was leading us to do - whether that was singing, praying out loud, talking to people. Whatever it was, we were willing!


The castle was incredible; one side was lined with stores and shops, their owners all socializing and doing business, while the other side was serene, offering moments of peace before we rounded the castle and came back into chaos.


After walking around a couple of times, some of the shop owners began to recognize us; they even began counting the number of times we passed them. Then they mocked us. Some asked us what we were doing and why we were doing it, but others made fun of us in broken English.


My teammates and I wanted to give up. Our feet were tired, the heat felt oppressive, we felt a little silly, and now, on top of all of that, we were being openly and publicly mocked.


We knew we had to keep going, but we felt like we were supposed to slow our pace. As we slowed down, we were able to hear kind voices - voices that would become friends.


There were shop owners who really wanted to understand what we were doing, and we wanted to tell them! Many of these conversations actually led us to the opportunity to pray for these men.


We returned the next day to continue talking with them, trusting the Lord for more chances to pray and share His love with them.


We hadn't been there long when two men approached us. One man, Joseph, spoke to us and explained that his friend, Abraham, was quite sick. Abraham had epilepsy and one of his eyes was cloudy and drooped slightly.


Joseph asked if there was anything we could do for Abraham.


I looked at Abraham and said, "I believe God can heal you. May I pray for you?"


Joseph tried to object, but Abraham wanted prayers. I could see in his face that he understood the authority with which I spoke. So I prayed for him, believing that he would be healed.


A couple of weeks later, when we were in our next outreach location, on an entirely different continent, I was looking through my journal when something caught my eye. Very early on in our previous outreach location, God had given me a picture of a man. I distinctly remember not wanted to get out of bed to write down a description of the vision God had given me, but I did it. I wrote out every detail I could discern - including the cloudy, droopy eye. I had no idea that two weeks later I would meet the man from my vision.


I know God gave me that vision for that man at that time, and by doing so, I was better able to see Him at work. We may never know if Abraham was healed, but God is so much bigger than we were, and I believe Abraham will be healed.