Global Missions: How YWAM Makes This Simple

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ywam orlando makes global missions simple.

Getting started in global missions can seem overwhelming. There are literally thousands of opportunities and hundreds of nations you can travel to.


And then once you choose your target nation? Now you've got work out things like transportation, housing, ministry partners, language learning - and the list goes on.


Fear of making the wrong decision can leave you feeling stuck.


Youth with a Mission Orlando has been helping young believers get involved in global missions since 1995. We know what it's to like to feel stuck. But we believe that getting you to the nations shouldn't be complicated. You should be a part of what God's doing in the world. That's why YWAM Discipleship Training School makes going to the nations simple.


YWAM DTS is a 5 month missions experience that helps you overcome fear and reach the nations with the Gospel. So you can stop feeling stuck and start using your passions and skills to change the world.


Here's how YWAM DTS can help you join the global missions movement:

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3 steps to get started in global missions



Global missions is bigger than any 1 organization. It's not a program. It's a movement. The first step is to make a commitment in your heart to join the global missions movement and tell everyone, everywhere about Jesus - overseas and at home.


Invite your friends, family, and church into this process. Committing to spend a season of your life as a missionary is a big deal, and you'll benefit from the support and prayers of people close to you.


You might want to start a social media account for your missionary travels, or an email list for your ministry updates. People will be encouraged to hear what God is doing in your life as you step into global missions. And if you ever need prayer or assistance - you'll easily be able to communicate with people that need to know.


This is a great time to begin raising money for your mission trip. Missionaries work hard - but they don't get paid by an employer. Instead they're supported by churches and families that believe in the work they're doing (we'll share more on this in a minute).


Now you'll need to get trained. There are many different ways to get trained for global missions, but YWAM DTS is one of the simplest. It's got 2 parts: Campus Phase and Outreach Phase. Let's tackle Campus Phase first.


Want to get missions training that will help you use your passions to change the world?

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Campus Phase is 12 weeks of training. During that time you'll learn how to practice effective ministry in the nations and how to share the Gospel overseas and back home. You'll also learn how you can use the things you're passionate about - like coffee or photography - to reach people with the love of Jesus. YWAM Orlando is here for you, starting on your welcome day, to train and equip you to do the work of God on a global missions trip.
If you haven't started raising money for your global mission trip, now is the time.
Raising money for missions sounds scary. But every single missionary at YWAM has had to do it. Here are some things to consider as you fundraise:
  • Being a missionary isn't a solo job. You'll need to build a team of donors that support you.
  • God will provide. In ministry there are countless testimonies of God providing in crazy miraculous ways.
  • If God has called you to a YWAM DTS, He will provide for it. He won't leave you high and dry, and He finishes what He starts.
  • This is a season of being stretched and growing. Don't let fear of finances stop you from stepping out in faith.
Feeling nervous about raising funds? Download "Raise Money for Missions." It's our free eBook. It'll help you build a team of supporters so you can succeed in missions."
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After 12 weeks on the YWAM campus, you'll experience Outreach Phase. It's 6 weeks of application. You'll put everything you learned during training into practice on the missions field. You'll travel overseas, share the Gospel, and meet the practical needs of people in your outreach nation.


Your DTS Outreach is the beginning of a lifetime of fearless living.


This is what a day on outreach looks like.


YWAM Orlando makes getting on Outreach easy. They'll do all the legwork for you by taking care of things like:


- Planning your 2 month outreach

- Buying plane tickets
- Securing food and housing
- Providing solid staff to lead your team on outreach (you'll have gotten to know your Team Leaders over the past 12 weeks)

Once your trip is all set, you and your team will just have to to pack your bags and step on the plane.


You could come back from DTS Outreach with stories like this.


YWAM DTS prepares you to be a part of the global missions movement. After Discipleship Training School, you may decide to return to work or school - and that's awesome. Your hometown needs missionaries, too. By applying what you learned in DTS at your work, school, and neighborhood, you can transform you community at home.


You may decide to go into global missions for a longer period of time. After DTS, you'll have access to many other YWAM training schools (like the School of Cross Cultural Ministry). You might even become a full-time missionary staff member at a YWAM campus. No matter what you choose, your experience and training in DTS will help prepare you for your future ministry.


Getting on the global mission field doesn't have to be hard. YWAM DTS helps you get on the mission field fast - so that you can stop feeling stuck, and start using your passion and skills to reach the lost with the Gospel.
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Written By:

Stephanie Otis | YWAM Orlando Missionary