Michael’s Healing : Summer 2014 DTS Dominican Repubic Outreach


Check out a testimony from Karen, a DTS student on outreach in the Dominican Republic!


"Kaleb, Emma and I went out to evangelize in the city. We prayed to ask God where He wanted us to go and we all got a park with statues. We went down to the park, sat down on a bench and asked God who we should talk to. He brought to Kaleb and Emma's minds a green shirt and God showed me a motorcycle helmet. All of us started walking and looking for a guy in a green shirt. We were standing by a man who was next to a motorcycle, wearing a greenish/yellowish construction vest. We were thinking this might be the guy, but I didn't feel quite right about it. After that, we all spotted this guy in a green polo shirt who was limping. Then Kaleb said, "That's him!" He stood up and started walking fast because the man was walking towards the bus, about to get on it. When we reached him, he had gotten on the bus, but the bus wasn't going anywhere so we were still able to talk to him. Kaleb was talking to him a bit and Emma was translating.


We found out his name is Michael. Kaleb asked him if his leg hurt because we saw him limping. Michael told us he broke his leg in a motorcycle accident and that his legs were uneven. Kaleb sat him down on the bus steps and told him to take his shoes and socks off. We could clearly see the leg he had broken was shorter than the other. Michael was a Christian, so he said yes when we asked if we could pray for healing. So Kaleb prayed for his leg multiple times and asked Michael if it felt better. He told us his leg did feel better, so he put on his socks and shoes again. He started to walk and he didn't limp anymore. Kaleb then asked him if he could run before and Michael said no. Kaleb asked him to try running. Michael ran perfectly. God had healed him! It was incredible to watch. After all that happened, Michael had to go, so we prayed for him and watched him walk away with a huge smile on his face." - Karen