Healing : Summer 2014 DTS Haiti Outreach


Check out a cool story from the DTS Outreach team in Haiti!


"We are doing really well in Lubin, Haiti. So far, we were able to pray and bless a total of 300 people. Of those 300, 14 were healed physically and 12 accepted Jesus into their lives. We were also able to give out 100 bibles. Here is a testimony from Kaleb B. (DTS Student):


'One day we went to a nearby village to do door-to-door ministry. As we were at someone’s house praying and doing worship, a lady came up to us and asked us to pray for her husband who fell out of a tree and was paralyzed from the waist down. We headed there immediately to pray for healing. When we started praying for him, some of us felt that healing would not come until the unforgiveness in his life was gone. We prayed for healing, gave him a bible, and told him about the healing power and love of Jesus. We left him, planning to come back the next day.


The next day, we came to his house and found him reading his Bible and praying to Jesus. During the night, he had given his life to Jesus and forgiven his father. We started to pray again that he would be healed and he started to move his arms and then his waist. There was much rejoicing in the house because he couldn’t have done that without Jesus. We came back over the next few days and prayed for him. He is now able to sit up and move his legs a bit. The last time we were with him he told us, "No more going to the witch doctor, only Jesus." He isn’t able to walk YET, but he will soon, in the name of Jesus.'"