How To Lead a Snooze-Free Bible Study

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We’ve all been to that Bible study that - let’s be honest - was a little bit awkward. A little too silent. A little too ... stiff.


We know the Bible is God’s gift to us, a story about His movement in people on earth! The Bible, read in context, highlights God’s true character and brings so much transformation and revelation! Here are some of our tips for leading a great, impactful, and effective Bible study!

1. SNACKS. I don’t know a person who doesn’t love a good snack, especially when it comes to group gatherings. It may sound a bit outrageous, but food can really break the ice when it comes to these things. And don’t forget coffee. Always coffee.


2. Don’t feel like you need to follow a devotional book or any sort of extra material! A great Bible study is great because of the Bible! When you dig deep and get the meat of what’s being said, that’s when it becomes a winner!


3. Context. Context is huge when it comes to understanding the Bible. Find Bible commentaries or other sources that can help you to understand the culture, the who, the what, and the why of what’s written. The Bible is a complex story that deserves our understanding.


4. Listen to a podcast together about a specific passage. This can really give insight to a part of Scripture and give perspective you might not have had! Listening to a speaker can be really engaging and interesting and can add variety to your time.


5. Find Scriptural examples on a specific topic, or do a word study. Sometimes it’s better to get down to a narrow point, rather than choosing a large passage of Scripture and picking what you can out of it. Ask God for relevant topics or words for your group, and see what the Bible has to say!


6. Don’t be afraid to study the hard stuff, instead of filling up with fluffy, inspirational verses that feel good and safe. Part of what makes the Bible so transformational is that it is good for correcting us and exposing sin and strongholds in our hearts. A good Bible study challenges you to a greater level of love, obedience, and righteousness because of how good God is as you can see in His Word!


7. Vulnerability. Though it's much more comfortable taking turns reading a passage aloud and sharing simple reflections on the verses, transformation happens when we allow the truth to highlight and correct things in our hearts. Allow time for meditation on the heart of the Bible study, share afterward, and pray for each other. This will build trust, accountability, and deep friendship, which is always worth the risk.

So pick up a box of brownie mix and a bag of coffee, and know that you are totally capable and equipped to lead a great Bible study because of one thing – the Holy Spirit! He’s given you everything you need to understand His Word. So gather your friends, your family, your roommates, and have the most fun study party of all study parties!


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Written By:

Lara Crotty | YWAM Orlando Alumni