Trendy Travels: Staying Stylish on the Go

We all know those people: the super trendy ones, even on travel days. Do you ever wonder how they look so good at 4 am in an airport? Or how they get off of a plane after 12 hours looking so fresh and put together?


After spending a few years outside of the US, I was able to see how other countries and cultures dress while traveling! It’s so trendy yet practical. It changed my whole outlook and stirred up a new passion for fashion.


So, I wanted to share with you some helpful, practical tips on how to look good while traveling! I also want to encourage you to embrace your own style, have fun with your outfits, and be you!

Shoes & Bags

Going through security and even trying to get comfortable on the plane means being able to take off your shoes easily and quickly. The comfier the better, right? Tennis shoes provide great support but also can keep an outfit looking comfy yet trendy. Sandals with easy straps, boots with zippers, and shoes with the least amount of buckles and ties are great.


Also, you don’t want to rush around an airport, carrying a super heavy bag; you'll soon have body aches from lugging around all that weight. Instead, try carrying a small backpack as a purse. Rather than having a large purse on your shoulder plus a carry-on, it really does help to distribute the weight, and you feel way better at the end of the day.

traveling with tennis shoes and a backpack


Loose clothing with accessories for the win! You do have to keep in mind your final destination: is it hot or cold? Would the tightness of jeans or shirts be appropriate for that culture?


For the Fall and Winter, scarves are going to be lifesavers. I love to travel with my blanket scarf. I tend to get cold quickly, so it's perfect that my accessory can also double as a blanket!


For the Spring and Summer, keep in mind that airplanes are usually super cold. Shorts and loose tees are always a great option with a small cardigan that can fit in your carry on.


Have fun with different colors in your outfits, and remember: the most uncomfortable thing on travel day is wearing clothes that are too tight.

a loose top, jeans, and sandals


Earrings — always a good choice. Don’t have your ears pierced? No worries! Accent your outfits with cute bracelets or a nice necklace! Watches also really accent an outfit nicely. Play around, and have fun with your accessories!

Contacts & Glasses

If you have a long flight, keep your glasses and contact case close to you. I prefer to wear my glasses throughout the flight and, about an hour before landing, go to the bathroom and put in contacts. This helps my eyes not to burn and get red or itchy, and I can sleep without my contacts getting dry while traveling.


If you don’t have to be in a rush, don’t be. Stress on days of travel can affect so much within our bodies! If you don’t feel good inside, this can totally impact how you feel outwardly too. Try to plan your travel day in advance by finding a ride to the airport, weighing your luggage at home, and making sure you have enough time for security checkpoints, etc.!

Make-up & Hair

Untitled__Trendy_Travel_Blog_EDITED_copy_ 4

I tend to wash my hair and prep it as much as possible the night before. If you are waking up at 2am, the last thing you want to do is spend hours fixing it. Keep in mind if you use any hair tools to give them enough time to completely cool before packing them in your luggage! (Keep hair ties/bobby pins in your purse for later, if needed.)

For make-up: A light CC cream, blush, and a light bronzer keep it feeling light and fresh.  Feel free to add some mascara to make those eyes pop! If you want to add eyeliner and shadows, save that for the end of your flight as it could smudge easily if you fall asleep. Carry a small pocket mirror and this will allow you to stay seated rather than carry your bag to the bathroom.


PS: Carry baby wipes with you! After a long and packed flight, your skin may get a little oily. Baby wipes are great to wash your face with and help you feel more refreshed before reapplying your make-up.


What does this have to do with trendiness?  You always feel better when you are hydrated! Water helps decrease the swelling that happens at high elevations, and it also helps in keeping your body functioning well.

I hope these were helpful tips for you!

Enjoy your next adventure!


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a YWAM Orlando Staff member who will remain unnamed due to her ministry in several closed nations. Her passion for the lost and journey in missions started in her Discipleship Training School at the Orlando campus.