When Heaven Touched Earth : Summer 2015 DTS East Asia Outreach

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It's only the second week of outreach for our Summer DTS team and they're already seeing God move powerfully;


They are planting seeds and being faithful to follow His leading! Here's an encouraging story about what God is doing through this team in Central Asia:


"It started off as a normal day. We woke up, ate breakfast, then volunteered at a local church. Later we returned home to get ready to go back out; we were going to spend the evening making new friends! We split into small groups and headed off to get dinner, with the goal of forging new friendships to invest in while we're here.


After dinner, one group decided to get waffles for dessert. When they sat down at the restaurant, they noticed that their waitress (we’ll call her Ana) had a limp, so they asked her about it. She said she had rolled her ankle and it was hurting her. Then the girls asked her if they could pray for her ankle to be healed and she said yes!


The girls started to pray for her, and when they were done, she had been healed! Ana was beside herself with excitement and typed “How?” on her phone translator. One of the girls told her, “We believe that Jesus is a healer! He healed you and He loves you very much!” Ana then told her co-workers, who had been intently looking on at the whole situation (everyone in the store knew something was going on). Another employee asked the girls to pray for his back because it was hurting. When they did, his brother said, “I believe he will be healed; I believe in Jesus.”


Before they left, they got Ana’s number and planned to meet up with her outside of work.


I think it’s amazing that this extraordinary thing happened on what was, otherwise, an ordinary weekday evening. Some people were walking around touring, while some were at work; others were just minding their own business. In the middle of a major tourist city, with thousands of people walking around, time stood still for a moment, and in that tiny restaurant the hand of God reached down and touched earth."


This is not the end of Ana's story! Will you join us in praying that Ana would receive Jesus?


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