Your YWAM-DTS starts with 3 months of classroom time (training) on-campus at YWAM Orlando. Every week you get to learn something brand new; teachers we trust from around the world come to Orlando to be part of this adventure with you. Your week will also include worship, prayer, small groups, intercession for the Nations, one-on-one time with God, and spending time with the hilarious, encouraging, beautiful YWAM Orlando community.


You will receive powerful teaching from Christian leaders and experienced missionaries on topics like:

  • Hearing God’s Voice
  • The Character and Ways of God
  • Relationship with God and Others
  • Personal Character Development
  • Worship and Spiritual Warfare
  • Gaining God’s Heart for a Lost World
  • Evangelism and World Missions


To grow in your relationship with God, it’s important to spend time with Him. During your stay with us, you will have time in your daily schedule for your personal devotions. It takes time to develop a habit, and our hope is that, as you invest in the habit of spending time with God and in His word, it will become a lifestyle.

As you spend more and more time with God, you will gain understanding of His nature and character. By getting to know Him more, your faith will increase, worship will permeate every part of your life, and you will have an unshakeable foundation that will help you walk through life with purpose, regardless of your circumstances.


We believe that prayer and worship are fuel for the missions movement, and they have the power to change history, so we set aside time to worship and pray corporately.

We depend on the Lord to lead and guide us, so we begin each week day with worship. We gather as an entire community and worship God together.

We begin and end each week with intercession for the nations, which means that we get to be part of what God is doing in the world! As we seek His heart and pray for different peoples around the world, we grow in our understanding of His love for the world. Our eyes are open to how much He’s already moving, and how much more He wants to bless the nations!


Small groups are a fun and engaging way to process what you’re learning in a more intimate setting than a classroom.

Once a week you will break up into small groups and have a chance to discuss what you’re learning in class! These groups are a great place to go deeper in friendship. They’re also a safe place where you can be yourself, be vulnerable, and find accountability as you grow in your walk with Christ.


As a student in our schools, you can expect to read 2-4 books, which are required in order to successfully complete the school. In your DTS you will be required to read the New Testament.

Why do we have required reading?

Simply because we want you to have the best and most thorough understanding of God’s character that you can possibly have. The books vary from school to school, and are relevant to the goal of the school.

We have incredible staff and we do our best to create environments where you can thrive. By requiring additional reading, we are giving other experienced missionaries/men and women of faith a voice in your life!

We want to promote a lifestyle of learning and growing as we uncover what God is doing in the nations.

Get ready to read!


Besides being required by the U of N in order to complete your school, Community Responsibilities (CRs) are an excellent way to:

Get to know people:
During your CRs, you might work alongside YWAM Orlando staff members with whom you would otherwise have limited or no interaction. This is a unique opportunity to meet people with beautiful stories and incredible testimonies. Not only that, but you will have a chance to share your story, laugh, and grow with all kinds of people! After all, we value community, and what better way to build community than by investing in people you come in contact with every day?

Use your gifts:
Do you like cooking? Do you love hanging out with children? Does mowing a lawn feel oddly gratifying? Do you love interacting with people? There are many, varied jobs that are required to help us function as a campus, and there’s a good chance you will be able to serve using your gift mix!

Learn new skills:
It is a school, after all! There’s an excellent chance that you will have the opportunity to develop skills that you either already have and want to improve, or that you didn’t even know you have!

Serve with a happy heart:
No matter what God calls us to do, the key is to do it with a happy heart. All staff and students serve in various capacities - sometimes doing what they’re already good at, and other times learning as they go. No matter what, we aim to be servants with happy hearts and good attitudes, following the example Jesus set for us.

“Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters...” - Colossians 3:23


Campus housing is dormitory-style. All singles will share a room with up to 10 others, while families and couples get their own room/RV (depending on availability). Most dorms or living areas have a bathroom, microwave, sink, and refrigerator. There is limited storage space in the rooms, so make sure you only bring what you absolutely need for your time in Orlando, as well as for your outreach.

Room assignments are given to students on arrival day (at registration).


Life on the YWAM Orlando campus is constantly going. With 184 acres, multiple schools and programs running at once, and events going on, there is always something to do!

Read more about life at the YWAM Orlando campus here.