Electives are opportunities to invest in the things that interest you most, and use your skills/gifts/passions to serve the Lord! These are training times, in addition to your YWAM-DTS schedule and partnering with the overall experience, that pertain to your area of passion.

You can choose from:


You will do everything that comes with the DTS (class, work duties, worship, etc,) but then, if you’ve chosen an elective (you can only choose one), you will spend extra time each week learning more about, as well as practicing, your interest.

We want you to be as ready as you can possibly be to serve God with your talents - He loves when we do that.



Coffee is an international language that brings people together. It cultivates community through the sharing of a common drink and can provide an ideal setting for ministry and discussion about Jesus. If you have an interest for coffee and missions then this elective is for you!

There is no skill requirement, simply come with some passion and creativity. Our goal is to help you feel comfortable brewing a wide variety of coffee, feel confident working in any café and have the basics for how to open your own café in the states or overseas. Dream with us about the incredible ministry platform this could be!

  • History of Coffee
  • Brewing Basics : espresso, v60, chemed and aeropress
  • Latte Art
  • Customer Service
  • Business in Missions
  • Management Skills
  • Being a light in the business world
  • Cultivating Community



Summer : June 24 - November 16, 2018

Fall : September 30 - March 1, 2019





definition: Greek for - to send out with force, produce, bring forth

Do you feel a burning in your heart to get planted in the nations as a missionary? Do you want to be one of the wild ones, committed to at least 2 years adventuring with Jesus on the front lines of the Gospel, but don't know how to get ready for that? Then the Ekballo elective is for you!

"He told them, “The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out (ekballo) workers into his harvest field." Luke 10:2

This elective is the first part of YWAM Orlando’s Year to the Nations training. You will learn about least-reached peoples of the 10/40 Window, world religions, language and cultural adjustment, sharing the Gospel across a culture, and building a support team. Your 2-month DTS outreach will help you get a real taste of what longer-term cross-cultural missions will look like.

Come gather with other like-minded revivalists and get ready to Ekballo!


Spring : April 1 - August 17, 2018

Fall : September 30 - March 1, 2019





YWAM Orlando seeks to do justly in the areas of hunger, clean water, human trafficking, health, equality, poverty, and children at risk.

If this resonates with you, then the Justice elective is for you!

As a participant in the Justice Elective, you will learn how you can be part of the solution to these devastating, worldwide injustices. By implementing the holistic Gospel (which you will learn about in class), and through prayer, projects, and local and overseas outreaches, you will be God’s hands and feet to the Nations!

  • Heart of Justice
  • Biblical Justice
  • Justice for All
  • Intercession & Justice
  • Equality
  • Poverty
  • Sustainable Agriculture
  • Human Trafficking Awareness



Winter : January 7 - May 25, 2018

Spring : April 1 - August 17, 2018

Fall : September 30 - March 1, 2019



Music. Worship. Leading others into God’s presence. Working as a team. Creating.

If you love any or all of these, then the Resound elective is for you!

"Sing to God a brand-new song, sing His praises all over the world ... Make God’s glory RESOUND; echo His praises from coast to coast." Isaiah 42:10,12 MSG

By joining the Resound DTS elective, you will get the chance to grow in multiple areas as a worship leader and/or band member. You’ll learn to partner with Holy Spirit - both in preparation for and leading worship. You’ll get hands-on experience, which will give you opportunity to grow in your gifts. Then you will use worship as part of your outreach. God will use your gifts and the gift of worship to change the spiritual atmosphere in the Nations!



Summer : June 24 - November 16, 2018

Fall : September 30 - March 1, 2019




Working out, training others how to make the most of their exercise routines, and using sports as a way to share the Gospel with others...

If any of that sounds amazing to you, then the Sports and Fitness elective is for you!

Just as it is important to take care of our minds and hearts (our spiritual walks), it is also important to take care of our bodies. This elective focuses on serving people by helping them reach their physical best, which, in turn, allows them to serve God with more versatility, and for the rest of their lives.
The Sports and Fitness elective embraces and utilizes playing sports, while also emphasizing physical conditioning, as a means of engaging the whole body. Students will have opportunities to participate in all kinds of sports, like soccer and basketball. Students and staff will also participate in fitness conditioning activities such as power-walking/hiking, bicycling, swimming, running, sprinting, and resistance training. Be and feel your best while serving God!

  • God's Design for our Bodies
  • Identity of a Christian Athlete/Trainer
  • Success Factos for Sports & Fitness
  • Muscular/Skeletal Strength Development
  • Cardiovascular and respiratory Exercise
  • Joint Flexibility and Body Elasticity
  • Performance Enhancement
  • Sports Training




Spring : April 1 - August 17, 2018

Summer : June 24 - November 16, 2018

Fall : September 30 - March 1, 2019



This elective is a place where you can grow in your understanding of how to use your passion for videography or photography in missions. We will learn how to co-create with God in order to capture the hope and beauty that He has placed in every person and every culture.

Join us as we explore what it means to make God known through videography and photography!

  • DSLR Basics (shutter speed, aperture, ISO, etc.)
  • Portraits & Composition
  • Lighting
  • Story Telling & Photojournalism
  • Co-creating/Producing with God
  • Identity of a Christian Artist
  • Media Presence Online
  • Planning Shoots
  • Basic Photo/Video Editing
  • plus more!


Bring your own Digitial SLR camera with standard zoom lens, camera bag, battery charger, extra battery, and memory cards.

It is not required but highly recommended that you bring your own laptop with photo/video editing software, and a couple of other lenses (i.e. 50mm 1.8 or 1.4, or a telephoto 70-200mm).




Spring : April 1 - August 17, 2018

Fall : September 30 - March 1, 2019