*Prerequisite: Participants must have a high school diploma/GED or be 18 years or older*


You can begin your application by applying one of two ways:

1. Apply online (highly recommended)

2. Download paper application forms (If you choose to send paper forms, it is preferred that you scan and email them to us)


Each student must have two completed references before their application can be processed.  You pick two people from the following 'categories': a pastor, a leader from church/YWAM, a mature Christian Friend and a parent.

*Those applying who are still minors, under the age of 18, must have one of their references filled out by a parent.

Our new online application system will email each reference their form and send reminders!


If you are not a US citizen, you must apply for a visa. Once you are accepted to the school, we will send you all the paperwork you need in order to apply for a visa. Please note that the visa application process can be lengthy, and could take up to 6 months.

The earlier you apply for your specific training program, the earlier you may be accepted and begin the visa application process. We advise that you start the application process as soon as you can.

At present, we offer the following “visa path” for participants doing missionary training courses with YWAM Orlando:

B-1 Visa

For those taking any of our short-term missionary service and training programs, you’ll need to apply for a nine-month, multiple-entry B-1 Visa. This will allow you to come to Orlando for the service and short-term training, leave the United States for the overseas portion of your service, then re-enter the USA again for the final debriefing and ending week(s).

All fees associated with obtaining a visa for participation in one of our programs are the sole responsibility of the applicant.


All students MUST obtain their own health insurance PRIOR to their arrival in Orlando. This insurance must be valid in the United States and cover health costs incurred during their time here at YWAM Orlando.


If you are a single parent or a couple with children planning on attending one of our training schools/programs please note that you are required to bring a Nanny with you to cover childcare for your child/children.

The cost for a nanny to join for a school is:
Lecture: $1,680
Outreach:  $1,500 (not including the flight overseas)