A lot can happen in a year.


A lot can happen in a year.


A gap year is a period of time (typically taken between high-school and college) that's dedicated to broadening one's perspective and experience before jumping into further education.


There's no better time to break out of the mold and take the chance to grow and gain more of God's perspective on your life. He has incredible plans for you and wants to involve you in His story of reaching the world with His love. We all have a part to play in that!

Join us at YWAM Orlando to gain more understanding of what that means for your life and to move into whatever God has for you, deeply rooted in Him.


After being accepted to a college, you can often defer your admittance for a year with no problems. Talk to your college admissions office for more information on how to do go about this process.

You will have to apply for financial aid again as they won't "hold" the aid for a year, but as long as there are no significant changes in your family's finances, you will likely receive the same aid again.

Any scholarships you've received can often be held or reoffered to you when you return after your gap year.

Jesus, travel, missions, and spiritual growth.

Youth With A Mission Orlando can offer you a gap year that you will never regret!

Here's what we recommend for a high-impact gap year:


Discipleship Training School

DTS begins with 3 months of being immersed in training and discipleship at YWAM Orlando's campus, centered around topics like Hearing the Voice of God, Evangelism, Intimacy with Christ, and Relationships.

Then, you embark on a two-month cross-cultural outreach! Expect God to use you in incredible ways and to instill a passion in you for reaching the lost wherever He calls you!


School of Ministry Development

SOMD starts with three months of training at YWAM Orlando. It furthers the growth that happened in your DTS and helps you gain direction for how He wants to use you in the mission He has for you.

Then, you take off on another two-month outreach with a special focus on growing your leadership abilities and experience.


Visit each school's pages to find out more details and dates. There are many ways you could fill a gap year at YWAM Orlando! Check out our other secondary training programs if you want to explore more options for the Part 2 portion of your gap year experience. 

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A gap year with YWAM Orlando sets you up to commit your life to follow Jesus, whether into the nations or to a university - whatever HE wants! Your life will be all about knowing Him and making Him known.