Know the Word. Apply the Word. Disciple the nations.

This is a 12-week course designed to give students an understanding of the Bible through the inductive method of Bible study.


What is the inductive method of Bible study?


In the inductive method, we look at the Scriptures in the context of time, culture, authorship, and original audience, among other things. You will employ multiple exercises in order to understand the Bible more thoroughly, and on a deeper level - both intellectually and spiritually.


During the course, you'll read through the whole Bible, as well as study, in-depth, several individual books from both the Old and New Testaments. You will get the chance to explore every type of literature found in the Bible, including the Gospels, the Epistles, the Torah, Historical Narrative, and Wisdom Literature!

Old and New Testament Study

Local Outreach

Team Reading Days

Preaching & Teaching Workshop

We believe the Bible is crucial for shaping a Godly worldview that disciples and transforms society. We believe it is meant to be active and lived out and applied in our daily life. The Bible Core Course is about so much more than simply knowing the Bible, it's about LIVING it and applying it, and ultimately becoming more like Jesus.



WINTER : January 2 - May 24

Outreach location : TBD