There is no better style of leadership than what we see modeled in Jesus Christ.

In the Leadership Training Intensive (LTI), we will take six weeks and dive deep into what it means to be a godly and effective leader. We focus on topics like servant leadership, leading a team, pioneering, risk-taking, discipleship, and communication. Through out the time, experienced leaders will be working closely with you and mentoring you. The aim is growth of various types for the call God has on your life.

This intensive will help train up quality YWAM school leaders, outreach leaders, and ministry staff as well as equip those wanting to develop their leadership ability for non-YWAM work.

As a part of the LTI, students join our YWAM Orlando community, allowing the individual to dig deep into a season set aside for growth and perspective.


SUMMER : June 18 - July 26