Thrive in cross-cultural missions.

If you’re interested in long-term missions - whether to plant churches, address issues of injustice, or participate in compassion ministries - then the School of Missions (SOM) is for you.


The SOM exists to equip and release participants to go and be fruitful in a variety of ministries all over the world. We will prepare you to work in justice, community development, or disciple-making (church-planting) ministries.


This school is split into two phases, just like our other schools: Campus and Outreach.


The campus portion of your school will last three months. From a multitude of experienced missionary teachers, you'll be equipped to more effectively learn languages, discover the worldviews of those you're called to reach, thrive in challenging locations, work with multi-cultural teams, supernatural ministry, and so much more.

Cross-cultural Communication

Sustainability in Longterm Missions

Language Learning

Biblical Basis for Missions

Cross-cultural Communication

Sustainability in Longterm Missions

Language Learning

Biblical Basis for Missions


The SOM outreach has a 'highly recommended' minimum commitment of 2 years with the ultimate goal of launching you into long-term missions in a ministry that stirs your passions.

We know that committing to long-term missions is a big deal, so we're going to take care of you throughout your SOM outreach! Once on the field, you will get pastoral care visits from experienced and dedicated YWAM Orlando staff; you'll also have a mentor that will walk with you through the potential challenges of living life in full-time ministry.



Winter : January 7 - March 27

*Please note that these dates are only the Campus Phase of the SOM*



Whether your goal is ministry to the poor, bringing justice to various issues of injustice, or disciple-making movements, our experience is that a street start can make all the difference.

  • Biblical Basis of Missions
  • Language Acquisition
  • Cross-Cultural Adjustment
  • Community Development
  • Cultural Insights for Missions
  • Spiritual Retreat Weekend
  • Sharing the Gospel Across Cultures
  • Team Dynamics
  • Cross-Cultural Adjustment
  • YWAM Crisis Management Material
  • Mission Strategy
  • Business As Mission
  • Spiritual Warfare and Renewing the Mind
  • Thriving in Missions through self-care


SOM students enjoy having lecturers that are in missions and have experience in their teaching topic. Whenever possible, we try to bring in lecturers that have personal experience in a student's ministry destination. Students have access to the lecturers outside of class.


The SOM would be excellent training for any kind of cross-cultural ministry. The heart of the program is peoples who are forgotten, destitute, and who have never heard the Gospel even once. During this school, you will learn how to cooperate with God to bless these nations through Christ.


During the campus phase, you will have orientation sessions tailored to your field destination. You will cover 18 topics that will practically prepare you for living in that country (for example: applying for a visa, budgeting, and developing a team mission statement). When the lecture phase concludes you will be ready to go!


We recommend that SOM students depart for their target nation well-funded. SOM staff will help you develop a field budget and field support. We will coach you to reach your field budget through practical faith steps.