The School of Photojournalism will equip you to see with the eyes of heaven and craft real stories of real people from that perspective. We’ll dive deep into how to tell stories with honesty and respect through the lens of hope that’s always found in Jesus.

Some other topics included in the lecture are advanced photography techniques, biblical creativity, storying techniques, and editing for photojournalism.

After 3 months learning on our campus, you depart on outreach where you get to activate everything you learned so far. Impart value to individuals who desperately need it as you take the time to listen to their journey while capturing it with dignity and hope.

There are so many stories on the heart of the Father that need to be shared. Is He calling you to be one of His storytellers? Join us for our next School of Photojournalism.

Requirements: camera, memory, lenses, batteries, and personal laptop with editing software. For more specific questions email: .


SPRING : March 26 - August 16

  • Outreach location : Mongolia