Utilize the international language of sports.

Sport is an international language, it is a relationship builder, it is active and fun, speaks to all ages, is loved all over the world. All of this makes it a huge opportunity to impact the world for Jesus Christ!


The Sports Ministry School exists to effectively equip and mobilize those with a passion to transform and disciple lives and nations in and through sports! This comprehensive school will introduce students to methods, philosophies, and approaches they need to help launch an impactful ministry utilizing sports.


During the three-month Campus Phase, you will be challenged to go deeper with the Lord and strengthen spiritual disciplines essential for successful sports-related ministry. Are you ready to enhance your God-given gifts and dreams and impact the world through sports?

Sports Evangelism & Sports Ministry Methodologies

Development of Sport Specific Skills & the Ability to Teach

Participation in a Variety of Fitness Training Modalities

Biblical Competition & Team Building

Sports Evangelism & Sports Ministry Methodologies 

Development of Sport Specific Skills & the Ability to Teach

Participation in a Variety of Fitness Training Modalities

Biblical Competition & Team Building



  • Purpose vs Performance - Identity. God’s heart and value for the individual before their gifts and achievements. Idolatry and value in the world of sports. How to view, relate, and encourage athletes in the area of how they perform. How to share the gospel and impact athlete’s lives.
  • Biblical Worldview & History of Sports - The history of sports. The history of using sports for ministry. God’s intentions for sports and how we can apply this in our own lives and ministry. Philosophies and principles of sport ministry.
  • Sports Event Management - Basic organizational skills of event management. Practical steps for making a plan for: a coaching session, running a sports camp, running a league or tournament, creating a family fun day or any sports-related events.
  • Biblical Team Building - The importance of team and unity. Examples of team building and working together to reach goals from the bible. Team dynamics; roles, gifts, motivation, leadership, humility, etc… Things that lead to disunity. Effective conflict resolution.
  • Biblical Coaching & Competition - The impact of coaching and competition has on people’s lives. Values and priorities of competition. How to compete and win at a high level while still glorifying God. Effective coaching strategies and methods.
  • Sacred vs Secular - God’s character and views in relation to Holiness and sports. How the church views sports and how to work together. The nature of man and the areas of body, soul, and spirit. Character building in areas of heart, attitude and integrity.
  • Performance Training - Basic fitness. Health strategies. Nutrition. Workout planning. Training athletes. Injury prevention. What God’s call is on our lives to take care of our bodies. How to enhance our performance. How to relate to clients and use technical skills in personal training.
  • Community Development in Sports - How to reach out to the communities and countries around the world by relating to their passions and interests. The impact of community centers. The different factors of community development. How missions and business can be used in the sports world. The Spheres of Society: family, religion/church, education, government, media, celebration (arts, entertainment, and sports), and economics (business, science, and technology).
  • Evangelism Through Sports - The uniqueness of sports as a ministry tool. Biblical principles for the Gospel, evangelism, and a heart for the lost. Different ways of evangelism like how to share the gospel as a coach, as a teammate, and as a lifestyle. How to share the gospel in different cultures and how to understand hot climate/cold climate peoples.
  • Discipleship Through Sports - The importance of discipleship. What discipleship is. How to disciple in a sport context with believers and non-believers. Worldview. Strategies and principles to disciple the nations and generations. How to communicate with and disciple sports minded people/athletes.
  • Sports Ministry Methodology - Different methods and ways of doing sports ministry: hosting outreach teams, recreation programs, short-term outreach teams, inner-city ministries, trauma relief, coaching, church ministries, and community centers.
  • Leadership & Pioneering - Biblical characteristics of leadership. The apostolic leader. Different styles of leadership. Aspects of pioneering. Working with cross-cultural leadership. Organizational and administrative procedures for starting a sports ministry. How to create and communicate your ministry plan.

We will bring in teachers that have wisdom and experience in these topics that will challenge, inspire, and grow your understanding over the course of the school.



This is one of the main projects you will work on over the course of the school!

The goal of this project is to take what God has been teaching you during the school and put it into a plan. It can be anything from a specific sports ministry you want to pioneer to the layout of a sporting event, camp, or league. You will take these dreams and visions and create a detailed action plan on how to execute what God has put on your heart! Then at the end of the school, you will present it to the class.



We will play, learn, and train in different sports: soccer, basketball, volleyball, football, baseball, rugby, and more! These times will also include fundamental techniques, playing strategies, rules, equipment, general coaching principles, technical training, giving impactful devotionals, and exploring the cultural side of that week’s sport.



We will learn how important it is to take care and train our bodies! Especially how to enhance our ability to play sports and be able to serve in different capacities. The goals with our workout times will be 1. get us into athletic shape and 2. teach us how to train athletes in the areas that benefit them the most! Here are the specific areas we will train:

  • Strength
  • Speed
  • Endurance
  • Flexibility
  • Agility


The completion of the campus phase is the beginning of your two-month outreach/field-assignment where you will experience many different ways of doing sports ministry as a team! The purpose is to put into practice what you learned during your campus phase and to increase your ability to use a variety of sports ministry methods.


Some of the opportunities could be: running sports camps, coaching, sharing testimonies, doing motivational devotions, and playing sports in the community! The outreach locations will be YWAM Orlando contacts that are using sports for ministry. You will have a great opportunity to partner and serve alongside these contacts in multiple areas of their ministry!



WINTER : January 7 - May 29

  • Outreach location: TBD

*Please note that any locations are subject to change.



  • Outreach location: TBD