Learn to use your love for sports to impact people’s lives.

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requires successful completion of discipleship training school


They know there’s more to sports ministry than pick up games, but they have no idea where to start.

Sports Ministry School is a 5 month ministry experience that gives Christian athletes the training they need to develop the Strategies and Mindset required for impactful sports ministry.



Know God Better.

  • 12 weeks of immersive training near Orlando
  • Hone your skills through daily workouts and workshops
  • Gain coaching, training, tournament leadership experience
  • Study Biblical principles to succeed in sports ministry
  • Participate in daily worship
  • Engage in hands-on local sports ministry outreaches
  • Create a personalized sports ministry plan


Make God Known.

  • 8 week overseas sports focused outreach
  • Implement the sports practices you learned in active ministry
  • Connect with other sports-based ministries
  • Develop relationships through sports ministry

How can sports ministry help?

Sports Ministry requires more than technical skill.

SMS will equip you with:



Athlete Training (Fitness)

Sport Events

Whole Life Coaching

Organizing & Running Youth Sports Events

Maintain a Successful Sports Center

Leadership & Pioneering Principles

How to Develop Teams


Intro to Sports Ministry

History of Sports & Sports Ministry

Sports Culture & Biblical Worldview

Purpose vs. Performance Based Identity

Evangelism Through Sports

Discipleship Through Sports

We know what it’s like to feel unfulfilled running a ministry without using your passion for sports.


You want to use sports to reach entire communities with the Gospel, but where do you start and how do you use these strategies to share your faith?


We believe you ought to be able to impact lives through your love of sports.

That’s why the Sports Ministry School has helped hundreds of Christian athletes use sports to impact people’s lives for Jesus in the past decade.

here's the plan



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Spend 3 months at YWAM Orlando developing the strategies and mindset needed for the impactful sports ministry.


You'll spend 2 months using sports to impact people on your overseas outreach.


You love sports. And you feel like they could be an incredible ministry tool.


You know there’s more to sports ministry than small pick up games on the weekends, but you’re not sure where else to begin.


Being involved in a ministry without using your God-given talents and passions leaves you feeling unfulfilled and disappointed.


The good news is sports ministry can be incredibly effective while still being fun.

With the proper mental, spiritual, and physical training, you can develop the Strategies and Mindset required for an impactful sports-based ministry.

Sports Ministry School uses various training techniques to equip you to impact lives through effective sports ministry.


At the end of your training, you’ll take your new Strategies and Mindset overseas for a 2 month sports focused outreach. You’ll be able to directly apply the things you learned during your Campus Phase and see lives impacted first-hand.



The SMS is a school that really dives into God’s heart for Sports Ministry. Doing the SMS really opened my eyes to see how powerful sports can be. It’s not just another tool for sharing the gospel but it’s one of, if not the most, influential spheres in society today. If we work with God, in and through sport, we can not only see people be saved but we can see entire communities be changed! This school brought us together with like minded people to hear about what God is already doing around the world in sport and to seek His plan for completing the Great Commission.

- Jesse, Spring SMS 2019

I didn’t have a clear goal when I decided to take the Sports Ministry School and went into it with my hands open. I knew that I wanted to use Sports and Fitness to disciple and share the Gospel, but I didn’t know how, until the SMS guided me into sorting through my thoughts and passions and showed me practical examples of what it could look like! I’m excited to pursue the hopes and dreams that were discovered in SMS!

- Emily, Winter SMS 2020

Going into this SMS I didn’t really think I was going to learn anything new since I’d been doing sports ministry for over 14 years, but I did. Everything from discipleship making, how to coach athletes, how to put on a community cup and the strategies behind it to taking care of injuries. It impacted me so much that after I finished my lecture phase in Florida, my wife and I moved to Brazil to staff the next SMS. We truly believe that this school can help transform lives for Christ.
-Tony, Spring SMS 2019
During my SMS, God showed me his creativity, and goodness.  Sports and fitness always bring people together, which makes it a great opportunity to build relationships, share principles, and most importantly to share the Gospel. I have been separating Godly things, such as the church and the Bible, from secular things, such as fitness, sports, and competitions my whole life. Now I realize God cares about sports and fitness and He can use my passion for these things to complete His mission of spreading the Gospel.
- Leonardo, Spring SMS 2019


FALL 2024: TBD

The SMS has a maximum class size of 22.  Apply now to reserve your spot.


*All outreach locations are subject to change, pending different situations within each host location, not limited to but including the following:

Communicable disease risk, US state department advisory against travel to host location, student's inability to obtain a visa to host location, civil unrest within host location, etc.



3,995 USD




  • 12 weeks of training on our 191 acre campus
  • A 6-8 week overseas outreach experience
  • Dormitory style Housing and buffet style meals
  • Training from experienced missionaries and lecturers from around the world
  • Books for required reading
  • Licensed YWAM Orlando T-shirt
  • Access to our on-campus specialty coffee shop, open air gym, and more
  • Credits that can be applied toward a University of the Nations degree

*Campus Phase price includes a $250 non-refundable deposit.

When a participant enrolls, it is expected that the participant will complete the entire program. The following schedule of refunds will be applied after the non-refundable deposit of $250 is deducted from the participant's payment.

If airline tickets and/or other non-refundable purchases have already been made for you, YWAM will subtract those costs and the remainder will be refunded accordingly:

Prior to the first class session              100%

During the first week of classes             75%

During the second week of classes       50%

During the third week of classes            25%

During the fourth week of classes          10%

After the fourth week of classes              0%

Special consideration may be given to a participant when extenuating circumstances have caused their inability to complete the program, in which case exceptions to the above refund policy may be made. Exceptions are determined solely at the discretion of YWAM Orlando. 

Outreach fees will be refunded in a similar fashion. Additionally, any costs to remove the student from the outreach location will be deducted from the fees they have paid. Airfare refunds will be applied as per the airline company policy and procedure.

** We hope the price will not go above what's listed, but with COVID constantly changing restrictions and requirements we want to reserve the right to increase this price if absolutely necessary (this includes after invoicing and even in country if unforeseen events happen due to COVID).


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Learn to share the Gospel with your passion for sports.

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We know that desire to use sports to share the Gospel, and we know how to help you get there.