Jessie & Kristen Anderson

Jessie’s hometown: Midland, TX
Kristen’s hometown: Midland, TX
Children: Hunter, Noah, and Evelyn


Jessie and Kristen met each other in high school, where they began a dating relationship, then moved forward in marriage after two years of dating in 2002. The second year of marriage, God opened their hearts and minds to His plans for them within missions. In 2004, Jessie and Kristen joined up with YWAM Orlando to begin figuring out what God was calling them to do. After Their Discipleship Training School, Jessie and Kristen headed back to Texas in order to tie up lose ends. They returned to YWAM Orlando in 2006, completed their School of Ministry and Evangelism and Basic Leadership School. During these schools, God continued to move their hearts for training up young people into becoming world changers. Along with gaining a bigger heart for discipling the next world changers, God also gave them a dream and vision to use photography within missions in order to help others understand God’s hope and beauty in every nation, culture, and people group. Even as a family of 5, Jessie and Kristen know without a doubt, being a part of training up world changers is what their life-mission involves.

Mission Statement:

To train up young people to share God’s love and hope with every nation, tongue, and people group. And to use photography to show the hope and beauty that God has placed in every person and in every culture.

Joined YWAM Orlando Staff:



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