YWAM DTS is missions training that will help you use your passions to change the world

The next DTS is September 29, 2024

Travel the World

share the gospel

grow your faith

You want to use your passions to change the world.

But you don't know how - and fear keeps you feeling stuck.

YWAM DTS is a 5 month missions experience that can help you overcome fear and use your faith and skills to change the world.

DTS has 2 parts

1) Campus Phase

Know God Better.

  • 12 weeks of immersive training near Orlando
  • Be a part of a community of fearless missionary worldchangers
  • Grow your faith and intimacy with God
  • Choose a DTS Track - specialized training in your area of interest
  • Engage in hands-on local ministry outreaches
  • Participate in daily worship
  • Learn to lead a fearless lifestyle of faith

2) Outreach Phase

Make God Known.

  • 6 - 8 week overseas outreach
  • Travel to new and beautiful places
  • Engage in mercy ministry and service projects
  • Transform your outreach nation through intercession and prayer
  • Share the Gospel of Jesus Christ
  • YWAM Outreach is the just the beginning of a lifetime of fearless living

It's like a super-charged missions trip with a powerful community.


Discipleship Training School crushes fear.


Choose your Track

YWAM DTS includes a Track Experience

- Training that develops your passion or skill.

- Use the things you love to fearlessly advance the Gospel.

We understand it can feel scary to step out and impact the world for Jesus.


You can't go it alone.


And you need the right training.


Everyone at YWAM has made the decision to say no to fear and get the training they need to make their God-given dreams a reality.


We believe that every Christian should be able to use their passions to preach the Gospel and change the world.


That's why Youth with a Mission has been running the DTS for over 50 years.


So you can stop feeling stuck and start using your faith to change the world.

here's the plan


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Get Trained

Come to the campus near Orlando for 12 weeks of training. Learn to overcome fear and change the world. 

Live Fearless

Head out on a 6 week overseas outreach. It's the beginning of a lifetime of fearless living.

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Watch the video to see how Sam was able to step out of fear and into faith.

"During my Discipleship Training School, I learned how to conquer my fear and step out in boldness."


Erica - Spring Discipleship Training School

"I was apprehensive about short-term missions training. But ten years after my DTS, I can see how it's impacted every area of my life."


Tommy - Winter Discipleship Training School

"I learned how to walk in fearlessness and to live my life as a true child of God."


Beth - Spring Discipleship Training School

The Next Discipleship Training School Is

FALL 2024: September 29 - March 14, 2025

Possible Tracks Offered: TBA


January 6th - May 30th

*Outreach locations:


Tracks Offered:



March 31st - August 22nd

*Outreach locations:


Tracks Offered:



*All outreach locations are subject to change, pending different situations within each host location, not limited to but including the following:

Communicable disease risk, US state department advisory against travel to host location, student's inability to obtain a visa to host location, civil unrest within host location, etc.

DTS cost


3,995 USD




  • 12 weeks of training on our 191 acre campus
  • An 8 week overseas outreach experience
  • A Track Experience in your choice of Media, Revivalist, Sports & Fitness, Worship, and Bible
  • Dormitory style housing and family style meals
  • Training from experienced missionaries and lecturers from around the world
  • Books for required reading
  • Licensed YWAM Orlando T-shirt
  • Access to our on-campus specialty coffee shop, open air gym, and more
  • Credits that can be applied toward a University of the Nations degree
  • Upon successful completion, access to 100’s of other YWAM/University of the Nations training schools

*Campus Phase price includes a $250 non-refundable deposit.

** We hope the price will not go above what's listed, but with COVID constantly changing restrictions and requirements we want to reserve the right to increase this price if absolutely necessary (this includes after invoicing and even in country if unforeseen events happen due to COVID).

Talk to a DTS Coach

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Do More

with YWAM secondary schools designed to help you change the world

After successful completion of Discipleship Training School, you'll have access to a host of Secondary Schools: Experiences designed to give you the training you need to serve in missions environments requiring a greater level of skills or learning.