Experience the Bible as the Living Word of God.

The Next LWS is September 29th, 2024




What would it take to become the person God created you to be?

You’d need to know God and let his Word transform your life.


The problem is most people spend their lives stuck in the grind of boring Bible study instead of allowing the Holy Spirit to be their teacher.

Living Word School gives you time and space to experience the Bible as the Living Word of God. You won’t study Greek and Hebrew verbs or write essays on historical context - but you’ll learn to let the Holy Spirit be your teacher as you experience the text.

At Living Word School You'll Get:

  • Get 12 weeks of experiencing the scriptures as the Word of God.
  • Have your class times led by YWAM Brazil Founder Jim Stier.
  • Learn to let the Holy Spirit be your teacher.
  • Discover who you are and who you were made to be as you read and meditate on the Bible daily.
  • Get set on fire for Jesus and your faith during group and classroom discussion times.
  • Have the opportunity to be vulnerable with God and let Him transform your life.
  • Find out just how good following Jesus can be.


How can you become who you were made to be?


Believers are taught to study the Bible - and that’s a good thing. But analytical and academic Bible study without revelation from the Holy Spirit will lead to moralism: a lifestyle of trying to create change in your life by keeping rules. Believers that walk out moralism eventually experience burnout and deconstruction.


Bible study alone won’t create change in your life. To be transformed by Scriptures you’ll need to let the Holy Spirit give you revelation as you experience the text. YWAM’s Living Word School gives you 12 weeks of time and space to meditate on the Bible.


Living Word School will set new believers on fire for Jesus and His Word for the rest of their lives. You’ll discover who you were made to be, and you’ll learn to let the Holy Spirit be your teacher. LWS is also a healing and restful time for missionaries that have been on the field for a long time. There’s always more to experience about Jesus and greater revelation to be had. YWAM Living Word School gives you time and space  to experience that.


Coming to Living Word School is easy.

1) Tap the Apply Button. It only takes a few minutes to fill out the application - and an Admissions Coach will respond to you soon.

2) Come to Orlando and Experience the Bible. YWAM Orlando is about 30 minutes from downtown Orlando, Florida. You’ll spend 12 weeks meditating on the Word on YWAM Orlando’s 191 acre campus. There will be trained staff to help you.

3) You’ll find your purpose. Spending 12 weeks in the Bible and letting the Holy Spirit teach means you’ll learn and experience a lot about God’s character and nature.


Before you can understand who you were made to be - you need to know God. LWS helps you do that.




Apply for free today. An Admissions Coach will reach out to you soon.


Spend 3 months meditating on the Bible here in Orlando. You’ll experience the Bible as the Word of God.


You’ll discover who you were made to be as you let the Holy Spirit teach you about God's nature.

Living Word Journey

Discover Jesus in the Sermon on the Mount.

Wouldn't it be great if you could get more out of your daily quiet times?


Here's some help.


The Living Word Journey is a 21 day daily email that 1) shares a scripture passage and 2) gives you Living Word style questions to reflect on.


This release of LWJ  helps you discover Jesus in the Sermon on the Mount.


All you need to do is sign up to get Living Word Journey, and spend about 15 minutes each day reflecting on the verse and questions.

We'll also send you emails with news of new content and training opportunities.



John's story of how he found Jesus in the often-overlooked passages.


September 29 - December 20, 2024



3,995 USD


  • 12 weeks of training on our 191 acre campus
  • Dormitory style housing and family style meals
  • Training from experienced missionaries and lecturers from around the world
  • Books for required reading
  • Licensed YWAM Orlando T-shirt
  • Access to our on-campus specialty coffee shop, open air gym, and more
  • Credits that can be applied toward a University of the Nations degree

*Campus Phase price includes a $250 non-refundable deposit.

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Living Word School creates time and space from you to hear from the Holy Spirit - but unlike a quiet time, LWS takes place in a community setting. You’ll have structure, accountability, and oversight from your school staff.

Traditional Bible Schools place an emphasis on understanding and interpreting the text. This can create a disconnect between knowledge and application. In LWS you’ll focus more on Holy Spirit-inspired revelation and personal application.

LWS is for anyone who wants to grow. It’s great for believers who are ready to be set on fire in their faith. It’s also great for believers who feel like they need a time to rest and recharge. If you’re willing to be vulnerable in sharing how the Holy Spirit is working in you you’ll get a lot out LWS.

The LWS schedule will vary a bit, but generally it looks like this:

6:30-8:30: Meditation and journaling what God is saying

9:00-10:00: Worship with the YWAM Orlando community

10:00-10:30: Social and hangout time

10:30-12:30: Class time with group processing of the Holy Spirit’s teaching

12:30-1:30: Family style lunch with the whole YWAM Orlando community

1:30 - 3:30: Afternoon session and personal work completed in a group environment

3:30-5:00: Personal study time or Community Responsibilities (YWAM work duties)

Everyone will benefit from Living Word School. But it's also the perfect format to present to people groups that have no written language. YWAM is working toward using LWS in God's plan to End Bible Poverty.

Haven't finished DTS?

Discipleship Training School helps you overcome fear so you can reach the world with the love of Jesus.

After successful completion of Discipleship Training School, you'll have access to a host of Secondary Schools: Experiences designed to give you the training you need to serve in missions environments requiring a greater level of skills or learning.