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Please Note: Any payment for a student's School or Program are NOT tax deductible.

The first $250 of any student's school or training is non-refundable deposit.

When a participant enrolls, it is expected that the participant will complete the entire program. The following schedule of refunds will be applied after the non-refundable deposit of $250 is deducted from the participant's payment.

If airline tickets and/or other non-refundable purchases have already been made for you, YWAM will subtract those costs and the remainder will be refunded accordingly:

Prior to the first class session              100%

During the first week of classes             75%

During the second week of classes       50%

During the third week of classes            25%

During the fourth week of classes          10%

After the fourth week of classes              0%

Special consideration may be given to a participant when extenuating circumstances have caused their inability to complete the program, in which case exceptions to the above refund policy may be made. Exceptions are determined solely at the discretion of YWAM Orlando. 

Outreach fees will be refunded in a similar fashion. Additionally, any costs to remove the student from the outreach location will be deducted from the fees they have paid. Airfare refunds will be applied as per the airline company policy and procedure.

"At that moment I knew this is why I do what I do.


God cares for every individual and he hears us right where we are! It’s just up to us to act out in that simple obedience and take the step of faith.


I am now calling people into missions and sharing the love of God with people every day!"


Izzy, 19
Discipleship Training School, Spring 2019