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The Next IHMS is January 5th, 2025

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The problem is they don't know how to address the lies and core beliefs that cause the emotional wounds in the first place.

The Inner Healing Ministry School (IHMS) is a 3 month training experience that will help you master the Transformational Prayer Ministry (TPM) method.


You'll use TPM to create an environment in which God can correct harmful beliefs and bring lasting inner healing.



Learn to use transformational prayer ministry

  • Experience 12 weeks of immersive, modular training near Orlando
  • Participate in daily worship and vibrant community life
  • Practice TPM in a supervised classroom setting so you know you're doing it right
  • Engage in live ministry sessions
  • Become a highly-proficient TPM facilitator

Only God can.


Transformational Prayer Ministry helps you create an environment in which this can happen.


We understand that not being able to help others can make you feel powerless.


But the truth is, you can’t heal people - only God can.


We believe you should be able to facilitate God-given healing in a person’s life.

That’s why the IHMS teaches Transformational Prayer Ministry.


The TPM approach has been used for over 25 years. It has helped tens of thousands of people find freedom in over 170 countries.


Apply today.


So you can stop feeling powerless and start guiding Christians on your team and community into lasting healing and transformation.

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Come to the campus near Orlando for 12 weeks of training. Learn how TPM can help set people free.

Change lives

You'll put TPM into practice. It's a technique you can use anywhere in the world.

You need spiritual growth

YWAM Student Reading Bible on steps

You want to grow spiritually, but you end up getting stuck because of wrong core beliefs - all leading to a cycle of endless spiritual warfare and struggle.


In order to grow you need to address those misconceptions.


Fill out the form to download the ebook


7 Beliefs That Prevent Spiritual Growth.


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Deal with these misconceptions and start your journey toward emotional freedom.

We'll also send you emails with more helpful tips about inner healing and spiritual growth, as well as new content and training opportunities.


Being trained in TPM has contributed greatly not only to my mental health but those around me. It has also most importantly deepened my relationship with God, by knowing His Truth by authentic encounters with Him. God has used this tool to increase my hope at a fulfilling life that helps change people truly and authentically.

- Curtis, TPM Facilitator

TPM redefined my idea of counseling.... I didn’t really know what to expect prior to my first session.... But after the initial counseling, I experienced an overwhelming and undeniable sense of joy, relief and an absolute clarity of who I am in Christ and what He spoke to me in regards to the issues I was facing. The effects continued long after our session.

- Esther, TPM Recipient

[Even] as someone who has been in ministry many years... I never could have known how freeing and transformational TPM would be.... In one session I received clarity, understanding, breakthrough and deliverance from deep fears, discouragement and disappointments that had clung to me for decades. 
-Lori, TPM Recipient
Hey Because I've learned TPM, I've seen hundreds healed.  I've witnessed lives changed forever, because people have had their inner lies replaced with God's Truth.  Not only does knowing the skill of TPM apply to ministering to people in sessions, it also deepens your own personal walk, as you now have greater revelation and understanding of Truth.  I am thankful to God for giving me a gift called TPM.
- Heather, TPM Facilitator

THE NEXT Inner healing ministry school is


The IHMS has a maximum class size of 12.  Apply now to reserve your spot.


*All outreach locations are subject to change, pending different situations within each host location, not limited to but including the following:

Communicable disease risk, US state department advisory against travel to host location, student's inability to obtain a visa to host location, civil unrest within host location, etc.



3,995 USD


  • 12 weeks of training on our 191 acre campus
  • Dormitory style Housing and buffet style meals
  • Training from experienced missionaries and lecturers from around the world
  • Books for required reading
  • Licensed YWAM Orlando T-shirt
  • Access to our on-campus specialty coffee shop, open air gym, and more
  • Credits that can be applied toward a University of the Nations degree

*Campus Phase price includes a $250 non-refundable deposit.

When a participant enrolls, it is expected that the participant will complete the entire program. The following schedule of refunds will be applied after the non-refundable deposit of $250 is deducted from the participant's payment.

If airline tickets and/or other non-refundable purchases have already been made for you, YWAM will subtract those costs and the remainder will be refunded accordingly:

Prior to the first class session              100%

During the first week of classes             75%

During the second week of classes       50%

During the third week of classes            25%

During the fourth week of classes          10%

After the fourth week of classes              0%

Special consideration may be given to a participant when extenuating circumstances have caused their inability to complete the program, in which case exceptions to the above refund policy may be made. Exceptions are determined solely at the discretion of YWAM Orlando. 

Outreach fees will be refunded in a similar fashion. Additionally, any costs to remove the student from the outreach location will be deducted from the fees they have paid. Airfare refunds will be applied as per the airline company policy and procedure.

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