A Few Reasons We Love Youth with a Mission Orlando

missionaries in florida looking away and laughing

6:15 A.M.

The alarm goes off, I roll over, eyes so squinty I can barely see, just to hit snooze about five times before I finally roll out of bed. I stumble around the room into the bathroom as quietly as possible, trying not to wake up my roommates who are still sound asleep. After doing a rushed job of getting ready, I head out the door for my 40-yard walk to start my first job of the day. The sun is rising on my left-hand side over the trees, cicadas are making noise all around, and the soft, dewy clay smushes under my feet as I walk. I turn on the lights in the Depot Coffee Shop, count the drawer, and turn on some tunes. I finally get to make my breve! With the wonderful smell of freshly ground espresso still in the air, I sit down on the couch to have my quiet time, waiting for any brave soul to enter the coffee shop at such an early hour. An hour or so later I close the drawer and head down the same clay path on to my favorite part of the day: morning worship. I walk into the chapel, hug a couple of people who just rolled out of bed, and make my way towards the front to find a spot. The air is charged as I find myself surrounded by over 100 of my greatest friends, all running hard after Jesus together.

This is YWAM Orlando. This is where I get to work. We are a community of believers who get to do life together and pursue this audacious vision of seeing the whole world transformed by the message of the Gospel.

two women hugging in the chapel at youth with a mission
missionary holding coffee mug after worship at ywam orlando
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We long to welcome more people into this family and into this commission of reaching the nations. In case that could be you, we want to help you get to know us a little more. So, I decided to ask some of my fellow staff what they love most about YWAM Orlando, and here are some of their answers:

“Everyone is running towards God (Jeniece)…People are always encouraging and want to be a part of it. We all have different visions, but they all point to the same Person (Miriam)…You basically get to work with your friends (Val)… because it’s just like a bunch of really solid people and a bunch of really good friends doing life together (Sam)… I love that you’re surrounded by people who encourage you and challenge you (Carissa)… community is important, relationship is important, and here we have tons of relationship and great community (Caleb)… I firmly believe it’s so important to belong somewhere, and YWAM Orlando gives you that belonging (Eivind)… it’s a good support system (Lee)… We love to spend time together. There is a spiritual aspect, but there’s also just loving to hang out with each other (Darla)… I would rather work with family than a bunch of strangers (Kristen)… Everyone just kind of takes care of each other’s needs, and it’s this kind of reciprocal goodness (Michael)… just having a bunch of people you can do life with (Peter)… It’s a family that’s pursuing Jesus. That’s everyone’s soft spot; that’s my favorite part, is that literally anyone on staff or anyone in DTS, if you just get them talking about Jesus, then there’s such a tenderness (Katelyn).”


Written By:

Molly Edwards | YWAM Orlando Staff