Man looks thoughtfully out of window as he ponders how he was designed.

At times it can be all too easy to walk in who we’ve convinced ourselves we are, or who we’ve assumed we are, or even in who this world has convinced us we are. However, Jeremiah received revelation on his original design of prophesying to the nations from God. No one else (Jer. 1:5). Peter and Andrew were told by Jesus that he would make them ‘fishers of men’ (Matthew 4:19). You are who God says you are, and you might not be fully aware of who that is yet!

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a woman in worship by the lake and skyline

“I believe that our obedience, our life laid down, our yes – that’s the best worship we could ever give to God.” I just completed Youth with a Mission Orlando’s School of Worship, and my life will never be the same.   I’ve learned a lot about music, gained a deeper understanding of what worship…

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college-aged man on mountaintop looking to the horizon

“Jesus is so faithful and patient to walk with each of us and guide us step by step. The journey can be wild, but it is so very worth it!” At Youth With A Mission Orlando we have five Core Values that we believe God has asked us to hold to and exemplify as a…

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