Passions & Electives

man set to deadlift in a gym

“Sports ministry starts with using our passions to know God more – and ultimately the overflow of knowing God is ministry to others.” Numbered among YWAM Orlando’s many Discipleship Training School Electives is our Sports and Fitness program.  We thought it would be fun to interview two of our current Sports and Fitness DTS leaders…

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a woman in worship by the lake and skyline

“I believe that our obedience, our life laid down, our yes – that’s the best worship we could ever give to God.” I just completed Youth with a Mission Orlando’s School of Worship, and my life will never be the same.   I’ve learned a lot about music, gained a deeper understanding of what worship…

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a pour over brewing system, scale, grinder, and kettle

“The four things you need to get started making terrific pour overs: a gram scale, a burr grinder, a pour over system, and a goose neck kettle.” Here at Youth with a Mission Orlando we love coffee.   In fact, we love coffee so much, we offer an elective that students can take during their Discipleship…

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