Passions & Electives

a woman in worship by the lake and skyline

“I believe that our obedience, our life laid down, our yes – that’s the best worship we could ever give to God.” I just completed Youth with a Mission Orlando’s School of Worship, and my life will never be the same.   I’ve learned a lot about music, gained a deeper understanding of what worship…

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a pour over brewing system, scale, grinder, and kettle

“The four things you need to get started making terrific pour overs: a gram scale, a burr grinder, a pour over system, and a goose neck kettle.” Here at Youth with a Mission Orlando we love coffee.   In fact, we love coffee so much, we offer an elective that students can take during their Discipleship…

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woman holding bible in a field

“Everything written in the Bible is truth.”   Written by YWAM Orlando staff Emily Radley, following is a reflection on personal growth and discovery during her Bible Core Course. The Bible Core Course is a twelve week school in which students gain an understanding of the Bible through the inductive study method.   My Experience…

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