How to Personalize Your YWAM Orlando Dorm


Do you love to create? Do you love aesthetic? Do you love making things your own?

Would you want simple? Earthy? Vibrant? There are so many options,and we all have personal preferences when it comes to our living space. Living in a dorm with other people can be really exciting or super nerve-racking. If you’re an extrovert, it can sound like a constant party! If you’re an introvert, it can sound like a constant space invasion. Guess what! There’s a beautiful way for you to create a safe place of your own!


Ideas to make your space personal:

  • Pictures from home
  • Christmas lights for your bunk
  • Wall art e.g. watercolors, tapestry, poetry
  • Diffuser and essential oils
  • Small bedside table
  • Rugs

Create a space that facilitates relationship and rest.

We are all about you creating a space YOU enjoy and love coming back to. It’s also a fun thing to collaborate and create with your roommates. Building relationships and aesthetics simultaneously can be such a sweet time. Quality time with roommates is quite special and dorm-life can help cultivate friendships that last a lifetime. One of the ways this can happen is by coming together as a room and praying about dorm culture and setting the tone for your tiny home. Atmosphere can be such a make it or break thing and creating space for Jesus to come and speak His heart about it is a powerful way to kick off your time here.

Keep it simple.

Another aspect of dorm life that can be quite a game changer is organization and tidiness; sometimes less is more. The essentials, comfort items and decorative things are super important to personalize your space, but finding ways to simplify makes a huge difference. Our dorms are a good size but when there are 6-10 people in one room, things can feel cluttered pretty quick. There are some easy ways to bring your things along but also create a neat space.


Tips for an organized dorm space:

  • Storage containers for under the bunks
  • Laundry basket
  • Shoe basket
  • Being mindful of others’ space

Dorm life can be so fun but also very stretching. We hear countless stories of roommates praying, worshipping, and just enjoying being together. A lot of students (whether DTS or secondary) love setting a night aside periodically for “roomie nights” to hang out, share their testimonies, talk about what’s happening in class, and  “do life” alongside one another. Being surrounded by a healthy God-loving community is a huge part of the transformation process and we do our best to intentionally create space for that. When you come in with an open mind, ready to build relationships, work with one another's differences and be encouraging to each other in the process, it’s a beautiful thing. Having people come together from all different cultures and backgrounds to live in loving community with each other and create a home is a huge part of life at YWAM Orlando.

You're going to love the adventure!


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Written By:

Aimee Miller | YWAM Orlando Staff