Staying in Shape: 2 Simple Workouts You Can Do On Your Missions Outreach

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Sometimes it can be difficult to find time and space to workout during missions trip outreach.


We decided to ask YWAM Orlando staff member Bobby Stafford if he would share some simple and effective workouts for outreach. He’s also included tips for movements you’ll find helpful if you’re new to working out.


In the past, Bobby has staffed our Sports and Fitness Elective, and he has been working with YWAM Orlando since 2012. Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast or you’re just interested in staying (or getting) in shape on your missions trip, we hope you enjoy these two simple workouts you can do on outreach!


Here are two workouts that would be great for outreach; all you need is a little bit of space, a smartphone, and yourself!

Workout A: Squat, Push-Up, and Sit-Up AMRAP (as many rounds as possible)

About this workout: Good for close quarters, during this routine you’ll alternate between three simple body weight movements, adding more and more reps every round. Complete as many rounds as you can in 12 minutes!


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Tips for movements in this workout:


Squat: Keeping your feet just outside shoulder width, your weight towards your heels,  and hips back and down, squat down until your hips just break parallel.

Push-Up: Keeping your hands just outside shoulder width, and your elbows closer to your body, touch your chest to ground

Sit-Up: When you’re on your back, your hands should extend overhead touching the ground above your head. Sit up and touch your hands to your toes


For this workout you’ll do rounds of Squats and Push-ups; every three rounds, you’ll throw in some Sit-ups. The catch is: every round you’ll increase the number of Squats and Push-ups you do: You’ll add 2 reps to your Squats and 1 rep to your Push-ups. It will look something like this:

Round 1:

2 squats

1 push-up

Round 2:

4 squats

2 push-up

Round 3:

6 squats

3 push-up

*20 sit-ups

Round 4:

8 squats

4 push-ups


And so on.


Set a timer for 12 min and try and do as many rounds as possible! This outreach workout is great for when you have a limited amount of space.


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Workout B: Lunges and Burpees

About this workout: This workout is a race to complete as many rounds of Burpees and Walking Lunges as possible. You may require some extra space to perform the Lunges; otherwise you can just turn around when you reach the end of your room. This is a fun workout to do with others.


Tips for movements in this workout:


Walking Lunge: Stepping forward with one leg, make sure your back knee touches the ground. Now stand back up and repeat with other leg .

Burpee: From a standing position, squat down and place your hands on the floor. Kick your legs back, drop into the bottom of a push-up. To finish the movement, jump up and bring feet back to a squat, then jump and reach your hands up over head.


For this outreach workout, you’ll alternate Walking Lunges and Burpees. Every round you’ll do 5 less Lunges and 2 more Burpees. The workout is complete when you’ve finished 10 rounds. See the example below:


Round 1:

50 Steps Walking lunge

8 Burpees

Round 2:

45 Steps Walking Lunge

9 Burpees

Round 3:

40 Steps Walking Lunge

12 Burpees


Set a running timer, and see how fast you can finish!



Written By:

Bobby Stafford | YWAM Orlando Staff

Produced by Tommy Rutt | YWAM Orlando Staff

Feature Image By: Jeremy Lapak on Unsplash